Parsi Food: A Complete Meal

Parsi Food: A Complete Meal

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Parsi Food: A Complete Meal


Parsi Food: A Complete Meal Restaurant: Jimmy Boy, near Bombay Stock Exchange, Fort Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India This is a typical complete Parsi meal, at one of Mumbai's well-known Parsi restaurants, Jimmy Boy. There is the "sali par edu" egg dish to start with, then the "patra ni machchi" fish fillet in the plantain leaf bundle, "dhansak", a brown gravy with either potatoes - for the rare Parsi vegetarians - or mutton or chicken, to go with the brown rice preparation topped with vegetable kababs, and "kachumber" or salad (though this is not exactly a Parsi "kachumbar"). The "lagan nu custard" dessert would follow after all this is polished off, and then it is time to lurch from the table, supremely overfed! Like other restaurants of its ilk, Jimmy Boy is not quite a "posh" restaurant, but on the flip side, the food is very reasonably priced and tastes absolutely amazing. Small wonder then that restaurants like this are extremely popular with the large Parsi population of South Mumbai, even for families that could well afford to eat at expensive "starred" restaurants in the same area instead.