Planalto Tyrannulet

Planalto Tyrannulet

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Planalto Tyrannulet


The Planalto Tyrannulet is a very unassuming bird in terms of its plumage, which is generally rather similar to that of most other Phyllomyias tyrannulets. Principally olive-green above, with pale yellowish underparts, there are few obvious features apart from a slight pale supercilium and two pale wing bars. Voice, typically a soft trisyllabic whistle, is often as good a clue as any as to the species’ presence. It is found from northeast Argentina and eastern Paraguay, in the south, north to northeast Brazil, with localized populations in parts of eastern Amazonia, and in terms of habitat the Planalto Tyrannulet prefers humid forest and tall second growth below c.1800 m.